an interview
with Orsod Malik

On the Grenadian
Revolution Exhibition

This is an interview with Orsod Malik, who curated an exhibition entitled Shifting the Centre: Grenada as Reference at the Black Cultural Archives based in Brixton, London. Grenada was home to the first revolutionary government in the English-speaking Caribbean between 1979-1983, and the exhibition brings together archival materials that tell the many stories of this revolutionary moment.

The exhibition website describes the project as:

Shifting the Centre is an archival activation project dedicated to excavating the radical observations, emancipatory dreams, and revolutionary practices of anticolonial thinkers to develop counter approaches that can be applied to artistic, teaching, and organising work. By repositioning the centre away from Europe, we can ask: what realisations occur when those resisting dominant forces are the protagonists of world history?

We spoke to Orsod about the exhibition, the archives he worked with, and his broader thoughts on anticolonial archiving.

The interview is by Sara Salem and Mai Taha, at the Black Cultural Archives.

Curated by International Curator Forum’s Orsod Malik and hosted by Black Cultural Archives

Orsod Malik

Orsod Malik is a UK-based Sudani curator, writer, content producer and digital strategist. He is the founder of @code__switch an archive/continuum of radical internationalism dedicated to drawing links between anticolonial struggles and thought across space and time.

Orsod’s curatorial practice focuses on developing methods to explore cultural and political entanglements found in the materials he works with. Orsod is the Programme Curator at the Stuart Hall Foundation, and was the 2021 Archivist-in-Resident at the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD). Orsod is the International Curators Forum’s Curator and Digital Strategist and the curator of Shifting the Centre: Grenada as Reference.

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